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After Culross Community Garden next weekend we have a fairly long gap - Medicinal Herbs on September 10th.  But let us know if there is anything you fancy going to and the rest of us may join you


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The second of these has gone out and we are now looking for copy and photographs for the next one.  If you have any suggestions for your e - zine we would be pleased to hear from you.

Send an article, photos, or comments to [email protected]


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The association has recently set some turkety eggs to eb ready fro Christmas.  We have added a few extra to teh hatch which are not yet booked. 

Please let us know if you are intrested ion a free range turkety for Christmas dinner

The next hatchinhg will be Hunbbards and Embden geese

Westquarter Nature Event

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Just back from a glorious nature event in the Glen on the Central Scotland Smallholders stand.


Stuart, our Chairman, had it all organised - a pallet strawberry bed, cockerel and two young pullets, three baby Embden geese, home made feeders and drinkers, bird feeders, paper brick maker - all out of recycled materials. And a couple of games with prizes for the kids.


Simon, our events co-ordinator, Emma, Stuart's partner, and me helped tell lots of people about keeping hens, ducks, geese and quail, and about growing stuff in limited spaces as well as larger ones. Lots of very interesting stands around us - Helix Bee-keepers, RSPB, an archaeology group, an environmental fishing group, unusual Birds of prey - and that was just in our section.


The Scout Hut was the first port of call for a free coffee or tea to start us off in the morning, and a free lunch was taken round to us from the School kitchens at about noon. Not often you're looked after so well, so many thanks to the Westquarter Wildlife Group! Lots of other stands offered information on responsible dog walking, grow your own food, hand crafted wood work - necklaces, spoons, mugs; electro fishing, a wild meadow newly seeded.


Weather was perfect - cloudy and mild while we were setting up, warmer as the day worn on, then glorious 'bronzing' sun for a good hour in the afternoon .


Could have done with a few more CSSA members but the Royal Highland got in the way of that I suppose it HAS been on the go longer

Next Newsletter

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Cheryl is in the process of setting up the next newsletter.  

Please send her newsbytes, articles, adverts, photographs  to

[email protected]

Q1 newsletter available now

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The first quarterly newsletter of 2014 is available now, to receive an electronic copy then contact us to be added to our mailing list.  Check out the forum for details of articles.

Meat chicks for sale

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The association has recently hatched some Hubbards. These are table birds, oven ready in 10-12 weeks. For sale to members £1:50 each. Use contact to express interest.

Rearing Christmas Turkey

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CSSA will be hatching turkey eggs soon for members of the Association.  Limited members of the website will need to join the Association to benefit from this resource.  This enables smallholders to rear a few turkeys for Christmas.  There is also an informal competition to see who can raise the largest bird for the Xmas table.  If you want to rear turkeys but not sure what to do - let us know and we can share our experiences.  For example do you have free range chickens and are worried about the risk of 'blackhead'?

Details about the turkey hatching can be found on our" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Facebook page 

If you are a CSSA member and would like to order some turkeys please contact us.


CSSA Committee

News from Forth Valley Orchards Initiative

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Forth Valley Orchards Initiative have launched their first photo competition. The top 12 orchard images will be included in the Forth Valley Orchards 2014 Calendar. The closing date for submissions is 2nd September. You can get more information on our Bulletin Board. The project is also holding a series of workshops in coming months including a biodiversity workshop, an orchard photography harvest workshop and a orchard photography editing workshop. Find out more in our Events Calendar.



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This is a new website for Central Scotland Smallholders Association and we would welcome any comments you have on what information or resources you would find helpful.  You can either contact us via the contact form, email, or post a comment on this blog post or our forum.  


CSSA committee